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Order of Service
King Lancelot Clive Webb's funeral of  the House of Lancelot 


Danvers Pen St Thomas

Farmer Adrian Webb is the Leader of the operation for Dr Juicy Health Beverages Projects. DR JUICY is designed to help our lands, our foundation, and our health, charity contribution to better air condition through growing more fruits and vegetable, transportation and cultural farming  education

Our Story

Dr Juicy a Jamaican farmer turn juice maker, vision the future value of fruits and Vegetables in the form of beverages with the taste of the Caribbean paradise and health benefits.


Dr Juicy first natural juice was made in the 1990s in west London and since then fruit and vegetable juice was tested throughout England, after seeing and hearing the peoples experience of thanks, praise and appreciation over the years through his personal juice making expression of his roots and culture.


 Now in the time of climate change and the threat to the agricultural industry the decision to reform production on the way raw fruits and vegetables is organised and transferred to beverage which would help the reduce of climate change and grow the agricultural industry.


Dr Juicy work to promote the aims and objections for excellent fruits and vegetables farming, quality beverages manufacturing and health consummation to ensure our people, providers and customers are provided good fluids and nutrition in the events of food crisis to charity and community around the world in the climate change.

Project Development


The Fundraiser

Our fundraising goal for the platform to reach the most vulnerable people and organisation, we are seeking to raise £5,000,000 in just under 6 month. This money will allow us to, build a core production team , machinery, facilities full-time staff , part-time staff , and more. 


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