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The Crown is your Birth-Right book is a research study by the law researcher and explorer Lancelot Jr Webb on the history, self-worth, values, inheritance and heritage of his family.


Over 4000 years of family history, going back further than 2000 BC of a multicultural family group and their activity, documented in a timeline to help understand the changes in behaviours, opinions and emotions for his relatives to reclaim their Inheritance.


An excellent reference to the role the research must play within the individual or community behaviours and a direction to the imperial crown jewels, the supreme law of the land in Ethiopia. Grand accountability of the identification and location of inheritance, liberty, family tree and lineage. Gracious transparency to a life certificate to inherit the rights to the crown estate (inheritance fund).


The research study provides the readers with extensive knowledge, insight and reference in regard to historical texts, legal texts and religious texts such as the Bible, the Quran, Acts and Museums studies about inheritance and their connection to help unlock the full potential within the self.

The Crown is your Birth–Right

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