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Solved Online

We are the world’s first online consultant firm providing business solutions for

          Local Communities and Advocates for Human Rights, Equality  and Justice through S.O services suppliers by providing solutions such as:


  • Online Government Research Projects ( Research Classes)

  • Legal Research and Reports

  • Legal Research Strategy and Administration


We also assist businesses to comply with government requirements and standards locally and internationally, in order to grow and protect businesses connected to the United Kingdom.

The Problem

We recognise at S.O that business people at all levels around the world connected to the UK are collapsing because UK Government business information is too complex and technical to understand. There is a lack of accountability sustainability, transparency and accuracy in online information solutions provided by business solution media platforms that could assist in beneficiary growth and protection in global economic changes.

Read about UK legislation that relates to, or affects your everyday living conditions see below

The Solution

Online news media coverage for all requested solutions through the major social media outlets such as:








                                     Instagram         Youtube         Facebook         Twitter


This method is to allow large audiences to see how problems are solved via live stream, tutorial, Webinar and more in the form of visual content. Our aim from this method is to provide:

 •        Accountability 

•        Sustainability 

•        Transparency

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Why S.O

S.O is designed to help individuals and businesses to see growth and protection through by reviewing, highlighting and demonstrating solutions from past and present legislation. S.O will also highlight the powers that are conferred upon the UK government and Independent bodies that have  contributed to our living and to bettering conditions. Now, through what the internet has to offer, follow SO to experience and achieve solutions that are accountable, sustainable and transparent for you and for your business.


Solved Online

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We collect, manage and translate information through to our Solved Online for educational and business objectives, providing a clear and simplistic view on technical and complex content in UK Legislation for excellent achievement in all your practical works.

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