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Local Board of Health

HOUSE OF LANCELOT LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH (HLLBH) founded in 2024, we are a Local Health Board designed to promote better Improvement, development, reduction, prevention, protection, quality and performance for the health of all people through the founder Lancelot Junior Webb newly developed technique called the “Lancelot Method” or “Right Health Method” a practice of child psychology development bond with Health and Safety management principles.


House of Lancelot Local Board of Health's core operation is to promote, plan and implement health activities to achieve our objectives, aims and goals with the guarantee of legislation governance and guidance. We aim to provide and support the most vulnerable who are under the Health laws, Poor laws and any other laws related or relevant to the best health improvement connected to the Commonwealth including the United Kingdom and the world.


  • HOUSE OF LANCELOT LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH type of programmes and services is unique in providing and caring for mental health.

  • Wide range of programmes to help health solutions.

  • A programme for economic and health business development towards climate change

  • Assist with the family development of a market network income value of over 200 billion in revenue yearly from 5 continents of 53 to 54 nations where 15 of the nations are royalty chartered within the commonwealth institute. 

  • Assist with health development and protection of charity, communities, organisations, companies and entrepreneur's plans.

  • Recruitment and training.

  • New offices, care homes and health institutes in the area.

The Solution

  • To afford further facilities for the health treatment resort and institute.

  • To reduce mental illness.

  • To improve psychology development.

  • To provide health improvement programmes to the Windrush Generation.

  • To promote health and safety awareness.

  • To protect the rights and liberties of our public health for residents and safeguard the commonwealth's health.

  • To make further health provisions as to the people of the parish councils, and as to the powers of the parish councils and parish meetings, in rural parishes throughout the commonwealth.

Why Local Board of Health

This is a community interest company for health.

HOUSE OF LANCELOT LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH programmes and services provider acknowledges that in a period of change regards health, climate change and insecurity, new trade and economic patterns, unprecedented threats to peace and security, and a surge in popular demands for health education, mental health awareness, fitness and broadened economic opportunities, the potential of and need for the HOUSE OF LANCELOT LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH.

Types of Programmes and Services



 The main fundamentals of our solution service development include:


  • Administration services

  • Management services

  • Assessment services

  • Health Promotion services

  • Inspection and survey services

  • Health and Safety support services

  • Healthcare services

  • Social care services

  • Maintenance services

  • Environmental health services

  • Health Policing services

  • Health Education services




  • Health and Safety programmes

  • Psychology Development programmes

  • Mental Health programmes

  • Personal Development programmes

  • Exercise and Fitness programmes

  • Nutritional Health programmes

  • Agriculture Health Development programmes

  • Health Protection programmes

  • Military Health and Defence programmes

  • Emergency Health programmes


Local Board of Health

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