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House of Lancelot offers

  • Online live classes or webinars for individuals or groups on research programmes for Criminal law improvementNationality law improvement, Immigration law improvement, Construction law improvement, Property law improvement, Civil and Political rights improvement

  • Research Programmes in History including the United States, United Kingdom and Africa

  • Windrush Cultural Educational improvement Research Programmes

  • Religious Studies improvement for Jews, IsraelitesChristians and Muslims

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The best Book in the 20 century for Knowledge of self  “The Crown is your Birth-Right” a History Book by Lancelot Jr Webb: A Prophecy from Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

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  • Local Community Research Programmes in Planning and Development

  • Business Development for Youths and Adults

  • Human rights, Equality and Justice

  • Legal Research, Investigation, Reports and Strategy

  • Inheritance and Ownership law research programmes

  • Partnership and Investment opportunities

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House of Lancelot mission is to build and promote a place of worship and educational facilities in History and Law for our WindrushCommonwealth Realm family members local and international.

Our mission is to provide a place of worship and educational facilities for the family members of the House of Lancelot to inspire, plan, and build for generations 

Donate here to help the House of Lancelot build on and to help change your family's lives for the better

Find out how you can interact with hosue of Lancelot directly, and take part in the work of the Constitution locally, nationally, or internationally

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